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The Wall (no, the other one)

I haven’t posted for a long time. Mostly, I couldn’t work out what this blog was about. The older posts, while truthful, felt stuffy and unreal. Constructed because they were going public. I write for a living, and usually that’s with a pretty clear brief. I needed something similar for this site, and like many a ficiton project, sometimes you work it out in the doing. I felt only half-done trying to keep commentry here all about corporate writing; I think I’d feel likewise if it was all ficiton. I’m always on the wall between. So, then, the rebranding.

And, to the doing. I’m in the middle of a novella right now, and simulaneously working on jobs for three different clients (one engineering, one corporate, one medical). Coming to the fiction after all that … sometimes I need to kick over a different part of my brain. A leg up over the wall, as it were. One of my writerly sistahs gave me a great exercise the other week, and I’m going to post the result here because … well, I like it. The task was to write a piece that focussed solely on the sounds of the words, and do it fast. If that doesn’t get you from, “This process describes how to … ” and across the wall into lovely fiction land, nothing will. 🙂

Crumble is cake and mountain slide, down, down into cavernous cowling, blistering frost this crevasse that needles deeper than divers, fathoms below where crush prevents breath space, leaves ooze and dead fall. It starts as skittering, pebbles tinking; then growling guttural, rockbed shuck, through air with whistling, Doppler rush. Strikes ice and fractures, interface tussle, foam and decelerate. Then long, slow, languid fall, buoyant but sinking, verdant and fading, azure become inky, til the earth meets seafloor, remembering, the crumble before.

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